Simple, Fast and Accurate.

Our solution provides the most comprehensive bumper-to-bumper detail reporting and true vehicle value available in the industry.


Who We Are

Enter the VIN and mileage of a vehicle and in seconds get the exact manufacturer build configuration and equipment detail for the vehicle, merged with real-time evaluator book values.

An invaluable tool with unmatched convenience in the industry - Benefiting many within the industry, including lenders and finance companies.

  • Web-based System
  • Batch Processing (Current or Historic)
  • Repossession / Recovery Solutions
  • Audit Reports

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Service Benefits

AccuBook                                       Quick and accurate VIN-specific, manufacturer build details with real-time book valuation.

Recovery                                   Accurate value verification and historical report comparison saves time and eliminates errors.

Multi-Book                                 Retrieve vehicle details and values from multiple Book Evaluators simultaneously for comparison.

Recovery Services

Evaluator Partners

The most up-to-date values from these industry trusted Book Evaluators.

What Our Customers Say

We've been talking internally for years - hoping someone would develop a solution like this.- Vice President, Midwestern Bank

This is incredible -- the detail and accuracy is phenomenal! - Director Recovery / SubPrime Lender, Southern Bank